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Cards game :
Les folies de Lectra


Welcome to "Les folies de Lectra": an erotic card game for 2 to 4 players. Do you want to liven up your meetings? Heat your aperitifs, have fun with couples?? This game will help you with its erotic/BDSM actions to be performed with a partner imposed by the cards.

It is important before the start of the game, to choose the action cards that will be used in agreement with all the participants as well as the accessories.

Standard content : 69 cards + 1 QR card (game rules). Additional cards are available for sale individually in the shop. More HOT cards have already been edited to raise the level of the game by one level. You can also add a second standard game or point cards, action cards to be able to play with more than 4 players.

You will find in the game:

  • 18 "role" cards (dominant, submissive or free choice)

Important to know:

The "you can choose" card with the 2 arrows allows you to choose to be dominant or submissive, but also to choose the partner on the left, on the right as well as both at the same time.

  • 26 “action” cards

Important to know:

The "kiss", "french kiss", "cuddle" cards have no role to assign, just a partner is necessary.

It is not necessary to draw a “role” card if the action is a “Striptease”

For the “hot kiss” card, the dominant has the choice of giving the “hot kisses” or receiving them. This choice must be indicated with the request for consent.

  • 25 “points/Favour” cards (Points/Privilege)

Important to know:

If a card is used to obtain a privilege, the card is returned to the pile of "Points/Favour" cards. They allow participants to earn more points (By replaying, by stealing a card), to part with it if the card is not useful (Ex. the participant with 4 cards at 3 points or a 2 cards at 3 points and one to 6 points), to slow down an opponent (by making him pass his turn or by stealing a card from him), or quite simply to have fun by taking the place of another participant to try to become the game partner of the person you wants.

Goal of the game : To return at the beginning or at the end of his turn his point cards with the exact sum of 69.

Accessories to have (not included):

  • A means of attachment such as handcuffs, tape, ropes, etc.

  • BDSM nipple clamp, but also possible, simple clothespin

  • BDSM gag, but also possible handkerchief, cloth, fruit, etc.

  • Impact game like flogger, swatter, but also possible hands, spatula, charging cable for smartphone

  • BDSM claw, but also possible your nails

  • Wheel of whartenberg, a little more complicated to replace, beer bottle cap?


How to play?

Arrange the 3 piles of cards in the center of the participants. To define who starts, let your imagination run free, for example, the sexiest person starts the game.


Explanation of a trick :

  • Reveal the top card of the “action” pile where the challenge to be carried out with a playing partner will be indicated

  • Reveal the “role” card which will indicate whether the player is master (does the action) or submissive (undergoes the action) or if he has the choice of roles. The card also reveals who is the playing partner (the person on his left or on his right) indicated by the arrow.

  • The player gives his consent or not. If he refuse, nothing happens and the next player's turn start with new cards.

  • The partner gives his consent or not. If he refuse, the player randomly steals a point card from him. If the partner has no “points” card, the player gains a point card from the draw pile.

  • Before starting the action, any participant can request a privilege by using a “points/Favour” card. Only one card per player can be used each turn.

  • If a “points/privileges” card is played, the card is returned to the bottom of the points deck and the privilege is granted to its owner. (See privilege application notice)

  • Once the challenge has been completed, the player draws a point card and ends his turn.

End of the game : The game ends when a player turns over his “points/privileges” at the start or end of the turn with exactly the sum of 69 points.



Each of the “points/privileges” cards has a favor that can be granted to its holder. When a privilege is used, the holder loses the card and returns it to the points deck. The privileges are as follows:

Notre histoire

« Steal a card » (Voler une carte )
permet de voler une carte à n’importe quel participant.
steal a card.JPG
60 pts.JPG
« Take the player’s place » (prendre la place du joueur)
Ce privilège permet de voler la place de la personne qui a pioché la carte action. Les 2 participants changent physiquement de place. Le partenaire de jeu peut alors refuser de réaliser l’action avec ce nouveau joueur. Dans ce cas, le nouveau joueur lui dérobera une carte point.

The Action cards

2 cartes « Striptease » (Déshabille toi) :
Pas besoin de carte « rôle », 1er striptease à arrêter aux dessous. Si tu es au 2ème, pas le choix, tu dois tout enlever.
2 cartes « Undress» (Déshabille le/la) :
Le dominant de l'action choisit si il veut déshabiller ou se faire déshabiller par le partenaire. on arrête aux dessous. Si la personne à déshabiller est déjà en dessous, pas le choix, il faut tout lui enlever.

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